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Interstate Driver's License Compact Licensing

QUESTION: "Can I get a work permit or hardship driver's license if I have a lifetime or indefinite license restraint?"

ANSWER: If your name appears on the National Driver's License Register (NDR) no Interstate Driver's License Compact State will issue you a driver's license. The exception is Colorado.

Under Colorado's Driver's License Compact law (hereinafter DLC), the Colorado DMV may waive an out of state hold under certain circumstances. In order to be eligible for a Colorado Compact license you must meet the legal requirements listed below.

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DLC License Requirements

The requirements for a Colorado DLC license are:

  1. Colorado residency;
  2. No driving for at least one year since being suspended in another state and;
  3. A review by the Colorado, DMV to determine whether you eligible.

Holds That Can't be Waived

The DLC, together with the Non-Resident Violator Compact (NRVC) are intended to help member states to collect outstanding traffic fines and to enforce drivers license penalties such as license restraints for DUI. Colorado will not waive suspensions for non-payment of fines or court fees, restitution or child support.

After you are approvedfor a Colorado DLC license, you can legally drive again in Colorado and most other states. Generally, you will not be able to drive legally in the state(s) that issued the hold on your license in the first place. We are lawyers specializing in getting people Colorado driver's licenses after they have been denied elsewhere. Call Cliff at 303.806.5104 to discuss your case.

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